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8 Jane Fonda Quotes on Aging That Inspire

What we can learn from the celebrated actress

Jane Fonda is back in the spotlight with her successful Netflix show Grace and Frankie (co-starring Lily Tomlin) and a recent Golden Globe nomination for her role in the feature film, Youth.

Never shy to share her perspective, Fonda revealed what keeps her feeling young in a Q&A with The Los Angeles Times last week:

“Staying involved and passionate and curious helps one remain youthful for sure. There’s the chronological issue [of age]; and chronologically, I could well be dead by now… But spiritually and energetically, I feel younger than when I was 20 and 30.”

Although Fonda might be best remembered for her activism and acting roles while she was a young woman, she admits those were not the happiest years of her life:

“I wasn’t happy back then when I was 20 and 30; I was depressed. Now I see my past, and I see a future — and I feel like it’s going to be a good one.”

Over the years, Jane Fonda has offered a fair amount of wisdom for how we can all grow older with vitality and a sense of purpose. Here are some of our favorite quotes:

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