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Chic, Comfortable Party Shoes

Dress your feet up or down this holiday season in the latest ballet flats and loafers

By Frank Helmer | December 5, 2012

The holiday season is upon us, which means that holiday-party season is too. Since you’re likely to be on your feet more than usual, and since those feet need to look festive, it behooves you to find a way to combine style and comfort. 
“No pain, no gain” need not apply to fancy footwear. Maybe the Millennials can bear it, but forcing your lovelies into a pair of pinching pumps or working the room in unbearably high heels is sure to bring out your inner Grinch.
Women know that the right shoe can bring an outfit together — which is why you needn't settle for a dowdy pair, even if you're faced with foot issues. A dressy flat can save you from sensible-shoe purgatory while elevating your image and your attitude.
When choosing your footwear this season, think color, shine and even a touch of whimsy. A classic patent leather loafer in glossy black or shocking red can transform a pantsuit from simple to chic. Or up the ante and go for burgundy crocodile or a bold leopard print.
The devil is indeed in the details, and unexpected ornaments score major personality points. An oversize grosgrain bow, metal tipped tassels or a jeweled clip can move even a modest outfit right onto the style pages.
And here’s a fun, Ellen-inspired twist. Try wearing Chuck Taylors with a favorite blazer or sharply tailored suit. In a dressed-up feminine suit with a whimsical, brightly colored sneaker, your feet will never stop you from being the life of the party and dancing the night away.

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