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Tips and Tricks for the 2014 Tax Season

We've compiled resources and advice to help you file your 2013 return

By Next Avenue | March 3, 2014

Now that tax season is here, make sure you understand the changes taking effect this year and that you claim all the write-offs you can.

Get the Biggest Tax Write-off
for Your Home Office

The IRS's new "simplified" method may not be best for you.

The Most and Least Tax-Friendly
States for Retirees

There are seven states that offer distinct advantages if
you plan to work in retirement.

Key Changes to This Year's 1040

What you need to know before completing your 2013 return.

IRS Audits: Your Best Odds
and Strategies

What the red flags are these days and what to do if the IRS comes calling.

A Guide to Self-Employment
Retirement Plans

How to decide whether a Solo 401(k), SEP or SIMPLE is right for you.

5 Ways to File Your Taxes
With Less Stress

How to get organized and prepare your 2013 return.