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Love Lessons From the Wisest Americans

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posted by Suzanne Gerber | January 29, 2015

For his new book, '30 Lessons for Loving' Cornell Professor Karl Pillemer interviewed people whose marriages lasted an average of 43 years to get their advice on love.

11 Heartwarming Quotes About Grown-Up Love

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posted by Donna Sapolin | January 29, 2015

These marvelous sayings will either capture the feelings you're experiencing right now or give you something amazing to aim for 

The United States of Financial Insecurity

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posted by Richard Eisenberg | January 29, 2015

Two new reports, from Pew Charitable Trusts and the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED), show what lies beneath the surface of the growing U.S. economy and it isn't pretty.

Tips for a Healthy Super Bowl Menu

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posted by Emily Gurnon | January 28, 2015

Want to avoid the Super Bowl binge? Here are some suggestions for eating smart and still enjoying yourself on game day.

How the Super Bowl Can Make You More Spiritual

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posted by Suzanne Gerber | January 28, 2015

If you watch the Super Bowl only for the ads, you’re missing out on some valuable Buddhist teachings. Learn four ways that watching football can make you more spiritual.