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Reimagining What a Nursing Home Can Be

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posted by Beth Baker | December 18, 2014

A growing trend of person-centered care is transforming nursing homes and society's view on aging.

The 'Fiddler' Lyricist Going Strong at 90

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posted by Richard Harris | December 18, 2014

At 90 years old, the legendary lyricist Sheldon Harnick is still keeping busy with projects. Here's his secret to both the longevity of his iconic work, 'Fiddler on the Roof,' and his career.

Holiday Gifts: 3 Wise Ways to Give Kids Money

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posted by Kerry Hannon | December 18, 2014

These three methods — buying U.S. savings bonds, putting money into a child's 529 plan and funding a Roth IRA for him or her  — will let you help pay for college or retirement. They might teach some money lessons, too.

The Burden of Secrets: Overcoming Depression

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posted by S.L. Young | December 17, 2014

This motivational speaker shares his depression and near-suicide story and identifies seven steps to healing.

When Will My Twentysomething Truly Grow Up?

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posted by Elizabeth Fishel and Jeffrey Arnett | December 17, 2014

If you're worrying whether your twentysomething kid will ever grow up, have no fear. A new survey shows that it will soon get better.