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How I Learned to Appreciate 'The Sound of Music'

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posted by Kevin Kusinitz | April 23, 2015

After refusing to watch The Sound of Music, he finally caved and found new respect for the movie on its 50th anniversary.

10 Myths About Aging, Debunked

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posted by Pamela Blair | April 23, 2015

Pamela Blair, the author of 'Getting Older Better' takes a practical approach to advice on vital living, debunking 10 myths about aging.

You’re A Boomer If You Love These 10 Movies

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posted by Linda Bernstein | April 23, 2015

From scary to sweet to sad, these iconic films helped shape the identity of boomers.

5 Myths About Assisted Living Debunked

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posted by Jacob Edward | April 22, 2015

There are many myths surrounding assisted living. Here are the most common misconceptions, debunked.

For Caregivers, Little Fixes Could Help a Lot

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posted by Robert L. Kane MD | April 22, 2015

A recent journal article shows how seemingly mundane problems, like finding a parking place at a clinic, can be huge obstacles for caregivers.