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Tool: Benefits Checkup

Are you collecting the benefits you are entitled to receive?

By National Council on Aging | May 14, 2012
You or your loved ones may be eligible to receive benefits that you are not collecting. A free service from the National Council on Aging can help you identify programs to pay for medications, health care, food, housing and utilities. It also provides information on non-benefit programs, like employment or education resources, depending on your interests and needs.

Prepare to spend 15-30 minutes completing the 33-question confidential questionnaire. Having the following information on hand will save you time: 
  • ZIP code.
  • Date of birth for self and spouse.
  • Type of residence (house, apartment, or mobile home).
  • Length of time in current residence.
  • Veteran status for self and spouse.
  • Employment history (specifically, whether or not the person ever worked for the state, local, count or federal government or the railroads) for self and spouse.
  • Names of prescription medications (we recommend having the prescription bottles or information available about the person's medications from their health professional).
  • Current income and assets from all sources for self, spouse and others in the household.
  • Estimates of current expenses (mortgage/rent, utilities, out-of-pocket medical bills, expenses for caring for someone at home while the person works or goes to school, etc.).
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