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Tool: Interactive Menu Planner

Meal planning made easy

By National Institutes of Health | February 15, 2012
This menu planner from the National Institutes of Health can help you monitor your daily calorie intake and plan healthy meals.

The planner is designed to guide daily food and meal choices based on one day's calorie allowance. It may be used to plan a meal in advance or at the end of a day to calculate the amount of calories, fat and carbohydrates eaten that day.

To use the menu planner, choose your total number of calories for the day, then choose a meal. For each meal you are provided options of food choices according to the foods groups included in the American Dietetic Association exchange list. Once you select a specific food item, you will also need to choose the number of servings consumed. The servings are based on the ADA exchange list. For example, if you consumed 3 oz. lean beef, you would enter three servings.

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