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A Familiar Story for Millions of American Families

The PBS documentary 'Alzheimer's: Every Minute Counts' airs Wed. Jan. 25

Daisy Duarte’s story is just like the millions of other families dealing with Alzheimer’s in the United States. Duarte, the sole caregiver for her mother Sonia, spends every moment of every day taking care of her mom’s needs. Nearly half of Alzheimer’s caregivers end up needing an additional job to cover the expenses according to the Alzheimer’s Association. With the cost of of care expected to rise to $1 trillion in the nation by 2050, the time to act is now.

This video clip is part of Alzheimer’s: Every Minute Counts a documentary airing at 10pm ET/9pmCT Wednesday, January 25 on PBS. The program powerfully illuminates the social consequences of Alzheimer’s disease and presents potential solutions to this epidemic, which is projected to affect 15 million people by 2050.

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