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Man’s Best Friend, Man’s Best Lifesaver

Eric O'Grey was told to prepare for death. Then Peety joined his life.

“I didn’t rescue him, he rescued me.”

It’s an often-repeated trope by many who adopt companion animals through a rescue or shelter. Rare is when the sentiment can be verified as truth.

Eric O’Grey is one person who can say that man’s best friend may have actually saved his life. After tipping the scales at 320 pounds, being diagnosed with a series of chronic illnesses and told to start planning his funeral at age 51, O’Grey adopted a dog, Peety, from a local San Jose, Calif. humane society. The suggestion came from a medical specialist who saw a great improvement among patients who had companion animals to keep them active.

As it turns out, Peety was a middle-aged canine who was also a little thick around the middle. Peety and O’Grey became fast friends and within a year O’Grey had dropped about 140 pounds and Peety, an equally life-saving 25. Watch their amazing transformation:

Eric and Peety’s journey to health and friendship has already been making the rounds on the web. NPR shared their story this week as a part of their health news series, Shots.

Feeling inspired by Eric and Peety to get up and move with your nearest and dearest companion? Here are some great ways to exercise with your pet.

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