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  • Finding the Hope in a Cancer Diagnosis

    We explore what cancer is, possible cures and ways to cope in a report that supports the new Ken Burns production 'Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies.' more...

  • Transforming Life as We Age

    Aging well requires planning. Here are the latest ideas on how to maintain choice and independence. more...

  • The Fiftysomething Diet

    This special section takes a direct aim at the nutritional needs of those in the second stage of adulthood. Follow these dietary suggestions that can maximize physical and cognitive wellness in the face of the normal bodily shifts and increased risk of disease that occur with age. more...

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How to Create a Credit Card Debt Escape Plan

Beverly Harzog

Beverly Harzog, author of 'The Debt Escap Plan,' says if you have a problem with credit card, these are the best ways to attack it. more...

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