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For Our Fifth Anniversary, We Present a By-the-Numbers Glimpse of Older Adults

Read a few fun facts and figures about our audience

Part of the Celebrating Next Avenue’s Fifth Anniversary Special Report

When Next Avenue launched in May 2012, we were the first-of-our-kind digital public media site dedicated to the coverage of people over 50 in the United States.

Today, five years later, although many things have changed in our world, we still hold that honor.

In honor of our anniversary month, we have some fun things planned — including a glimpse of the future of aging featuring predictions about our main areas of coverage — Health & Well-Being, Caregiving, Living & Learning, Money & Security and Work & Purpose.

But today, we focus on you, our wonderful audience. You have grown with us and you continue to inspire and amaze us every day. Who is the Next Avenue audience, five years after our launch? We’ve gathered a few interesting statistics and designed them into what we’re calling a “Snapshot of Older Americans in 2017.” Enjoy.

Infographic about Next Avenue audience

By Shayla Stern
Shayla leads the editorial team and content strategy as the Director of Editorial and Content for Next Avenue at Twin Cities PBS. She has spent a career in digital media journalism and digital strategy at organizations including washingtonpost.comEdmunds.comCars.com and Fast Horse, and worked as a consultant for several years. She also was a media professor at the University of Minnesota and DePaul University and  has a Ph.D. in Mass Communication. She can be reached at [email protected].@shayla_stern

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