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Classical Stretch

Classical Stretch applies the principles of The Esmonde Technique into the ultimate rejuvenating and energizing workout helping people stay active and ensure that they are getting the most out of life.

Using the Esmonde Technique’s simultaneous strengthening and stretching method, Classical Stretch has been helping people feel rejuvenated, youthful, energetic and pain free on PBS since 1999. Hosted by Miranda Esmonde-White, creator of The Esmonde Technique, the flowing workout encourages blood flow to all 620 muscles, delivering healing nutrients and promoting balance throughout the entire body. The program promotes weight loss and body shaping while enabling people to lead active lifestyles by creating a fundamental level of lifelong fitness and flexibility.

More information is available on our website at www.classicalstretch.com. You can also purchase the complete season seven as well as our complete collection of Classical Stretch DVDs at www.classicalstretch.com/videos.htm.

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