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The Emmy® Nominated magazine series My Generation, with host Leeza Gibbons, and the news/public affairs series Inside E Street, with host Lark McCarthy, cover a range of topics affecting Baby Boomers and their families. Both series have everything audiences demand: the highest quality production values and compelling stories with meaningful content. Your whole family will enjoy positive, inspiring stories of people getting the most out of life, pursuing their passions, staying connected, giving back and having fun. Have a show idea? Join the conversation on Facebook & Twitter or log on to the program websites. For more information: www.mygeneration.org or www.insideestreet.org.

Both series are produced in association with Maryland Public Television by AARP. The outstanding production teams are comprised of top contributors from across the country and around the world by veteran producers from ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, MTV, Discovery, History, NPR, PBS and BBC

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