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Rudy Maxa's World

Rudy Maxa’s World is public television’s Emmy-award winning series featuring a sophisticated look at the great cities and regions of the world. Each episode focuses on the culture, history, people, architecture, and cuisine of destinations as wide-ranging as London, Kyoto, Buenos Aires, Cape Town and St. Petersburg.

Join host Rudy Maxa, a lifelong journalist and current contributing editor with National Geographic Traveler, as he explores the wonders of Uzbekistan’s former mosques, swims with sharks in French Polynesia, visits the elephants and tribes people of Northern Thailand, and navigates one of the world’s busiest pedestrian crossings in Tokyo.

Maxa and his crew are currently shooting new episodes to join the 86 half-hour shows he hosts that air on most of America’s public television stations and Create. The 26 most recent episodes of Rudy Maxa’s World are also broadcast in 121 countries in 22 languages on Travel Channel International. To purchase DVDs or Blu-rays and to learn more about our destinations, please visit Maxa.tv.

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