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Twin Cities Public Television

Twin Cities Public Television (tpt), the originator of and driving force behind Next Avenue, produces an array of television programs for older adults, including: Life (Part 2), Getting There, Fraud Fighters, Power of Volunteerism, Home for Heroes, Renewed Lives: Innovations in Healing, Prescription Overload: Managing Meds, and Life Changing Art.

The mission of tpt is to “enrich lives and strengthen our community through the power of media.”

As one of the nation’s leading public media organizations, tpt uses television, interactive media, and community engagement to advance education, culture and citizenship. Over its 50-plus year history, tpt has been recognized for its innovation and creativity with numerous awards, including Peabody Awards and National and Regional Emmy® Awards.

Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, tpt is one of the highest-rated PBS affiliates in the nation. One of tpt’s areas of focus is serving the needs and unleashing the potential of America's aging population.


Twin Cities Public Television’s content on Next Avenue