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PBS Show Examines the Power of Purpose

Life coach Richard Leider describes how to find your true calling

What is your purpose in life?

If you are like most people, author and life coach Richard Leider argues, you have probably found that your purpose has changed as you’ve transitioned from one stage of life to another. It’s not as if we go to college, choose a major and voila! Off we go to make our mark upon the world. Instead, we may pursue a career or life goal which does or does not satisfy that craving for meaning, and search for new paths to life satisfaction along the way.

In The Power of Purpose with Richard Leider, which airied on PBS stations through December 9,  Leider “shows how understanding and acting upon our purpose is key to happiness and ultimate fulfillment,” according to a PBS press release.

Appearing before a live studio audience in St. Paul, Minn., Leider describes his system of key practices for defining purpose: reflect, connect, explore, “repack” and act. Following these steps, he says, allows us to find our true “calling” — where we put our gifts and passions to work for the greater good.

Watch a clip from the show below.

By Emily Gurnon
Emily Gurnon is Senior Content Editor covering health and caregiving for Next Avenue. She previously spent 20 years as a newspaper reporter in the San Francisco Bay Area and St. Paul. Write to her at [email protected]@EmilyGurnon

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