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Poll: Did This Holiday Commercial Go Too Far?

See the German TV ad that delivers a hefty emotional punch

Nobody wants to be alone over the holidays. It’s a subject Germany’s largest grocery chain takes on in a new, nearly-two-minute ad that, quite literally, has the whole world talking.

Headlines from around the globe include: “The Commercial That’s Breaking the Internet’s Heart” and “The Saddest and Sweetest Christmas Ad Ever”  and  “German Holiday Commercial: Horrible or Brilliant?

The ad begins with an older man — the patriarch of a family — learning through a series of voicemail messages that his children and grandchildren won’t be coming home for the holidays. Then, the man takes a drastic step that ensures his whole family will make it home after all.

Watch the commercial for yourself:

On social media, some have said the ad goes a little too far in making its emotional point. Others say the TV spot is perfectly fair, making a powerful case for the importance of spending time with family over the holidays.

What do you think? Too far, or fair game?

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