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Transforming Life as We Age

This special report will cover topics central to maintaining choice and independence as we grow older

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Most of us don't want to think about how we’ll manage when we’re very old. And yet, aging well requires planning. The articles and videos gathered here will focus on everything from how you will afford help when you need it, to new kinds of communities that support older people, to ideas that promote creating a network of care.

Free E-Book: The Aging Well Revolution

How and where will we live as we age? Who will take care of us when we need help? This free ebook gathers ideas and information about how to live independently for as long as possible.
Upscale home

Retirees and Their Homes: They Want It Their Way

A fascinating new survey by Merrill Lynch and Age Wave turns conventional wisdom on its head about the homes people live in during retirement.
Madison, Wisconsin

Here Are the Best Cities for Successful Aging

The new Milken Institute rankings of Best Cities for Successful Aging feature many places in the Midwest and college towns, but very few in the Sunbelt.
Woman in nursing home talking to nurse

The Nursing Home Rating System Gets a Reboot

Here's why so many nursing homes just fell in the Nursing Home Compare five-star ratings and how to select a nursing home wisely.
Careworker with elderly man

Is Long-Term Care Insurance a Good Idea?

Do you need long-term care insurance? One couple was glad they had it, even though they had to fight for their benefits.
New York City skyline

How Cities Are Changing for Their Older Adults

Find out why New York City is a "global leader" in adapting to an aging population.
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New Tech Helps Families Manage Caregiving

These new apps and technology make life easier for family caregivers.
Housemates Josephine Withers (left) and Susan Green (right)

When Living with Strangers Makes Sense

A growing number of people are choosing to live with strangers, rather than with family members, friends or alone, and new house-sharing services are popping up to help match housemates.
Woman talking to a friend

A Smart Way to Curb Senior Loneliness

A novel program called linkAges is a community-based service exchange that allows people to volunteer to help others, get help in return and, ultimately, boost community connections.

Rob Lowe on Having 'The Talk' With Your Parents

Have you had 'The Talk' with your parents, about long-term care? Rob Lowe talks about why you should.

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