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Transforming Life as We Age

This special report will cover topics central to maintaining choice and independence as we grow older

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Most of us don't want to think about how we’ll manage when we’re very old. And yet, aging well requires planning. The articles and videos gathered here will focus on everything from how you will afford help when you need it, to new kinds of communities that support older people, to ideas that promote creating a network of care.

Joan Samworth and her grandson Evan, 2, enjoy making art together.

Pay Your Parents for Caregiving: A Win-Win Model

For some families, hiring a grandparent to care for their kids makes sense.
Clair Garman, 76

New Tech Devices Will Help Boomers Age in Place

New monitoring products are designed to appeal to a tech-savvy generation of elders to help them age in place.
Ai-jen Poo

How to Solve the Looming Care Deficit

Who will care for the 20 percent of Americans who will be over 65 in 2030? Author Ai-Jen Poo says it will take a combination of public, private and personal efforts to make it work better than it does today. 

What's Your Caregiving IQ?

Test your knowledge about the costs and concepts of caregiving.

Free E-Book: 10 Things Every Family Should Know

Aging with dignity and independence doesn't happen by accident. There’s a whole range of alternatives to nursing home care, but they’re only available to people who’ve asked questions and know about them.
Older man with cane

3 Ways Boomers Can Make an Impact

Lauren Stiller Rikleen says there are three ways we can nurture and support those who are aging — and their caregivers.
Woman with her mother

Building a Wishlist for Caregivers and Their Families

The White House Conference on Aging asks what more can be done to support family caregivers and those needing care.
Upscale home

Retirees and Their Homes: They Want It Their Way

A fascinating new survey by Merrill Lynch and Age Wave turns conventional wisdom on its head about the homes people live in during retirement.
Madison, Wisconsin

Here Are the Best Cities for Successful Aging

The new Milken Institute rankings of Best Cities for Successful Aging feature many places in the Midwest and college towns, but very few in the Sunbelt.
Woman in nursing home talking to nurse

The Nursing Home Rating System Gets a Reboot

Here's why so many nursing homes just fell in the Nursing Home Compare five-star ratings and how to select a nursing home wisely.

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