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Transforming Life as We Age

This special report will cover topics central to maintaining choice and independence as we grow older

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Most of us don't want to think about how we’ll manage when we’re very old. And yet, aging well requires planning. The articles and videos gathered here will focus on everything from how you will afford help when you need it, to new kinds of communities that support older people, to ideas that promote creating a network of care.

Free E-Book: The Aging Well Revolution

How and where will we live as we age? Who will take care of us when we need help? This free ebook gathers ideas and information about how to live independently for as long as possible.
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A Smart Way to Curb Senior Loneliness

A novel program called linkAges is a community-based service exchange that allows people to volunteer to help others, get help in return and, ultimately, boost community connections.

Rob Lowe on Having 'The Talk' With Your Parents

Have you had 'The Talk' with your parents, about long-term care? Rob Lowe talks about why you should.
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6 Ways to Nudge Congress to Help Older Americans

6 ways advocates can nudge Congress to unstall the Older Americans Act, which serves millions.
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Reimagining What a Nursing Home Can Be

A growing trend of person-centered care is transforming nursing homes and society's view on aging.
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When You Want to Live Among Your Tribe

Here's a look at three affinity communities that are based on the shared interests of their residents.
Beverly Baroff, Dale Bell, Harry Wiland

New Homes on the Range: Better Care for Elders

A new documentary shows how a Wyoming grassroots group created a "Green House" care home, which is kinder than a traditional nursing home.
Older women having a meal together

Why The Older Americans Act Matters

Currently stalled in Congress, this law's programs serve millions of Americans.
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How to Live the Way You Want As You Age

To live the way you want, try to imagine what the hurdles will be and plan ahead.
Woman consoling stressed woman

The Real Reason Why Caregivers Are Stressed

Caring for your elderly parent often leads to stress and burnout. Here's how to conquer the negative effects.
The Soquels

A Beautiful Backyard Cottage for Mom and Dad

Developers and architects are dreaming up better multigenerational living options that are adaptable as families change.

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