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Transforming Life as We Age

This special report will cover topics central to maintaining choice and independence as we grow older

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Most of us don't want to think about how we’ll manage when we’re very old. And yet, aging well requires planning. The articles and videos gathered here will focus on everything from how you will afford help when you need it, to new kinds of communities that support older people, to ideas that promote creating a network of care.

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Retirement Health Costs: Planning for the Wild Card

Many people fail to factor health costs in their retirement planning. Here's how to do it and keep your future expenses down.
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The Next Housing Crisis: Aging Americans' Homes

A new Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies study says the United States is facing a serious housing crisis for its older population unless things change.
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Best and Worst States for Long-Term Care

A new ranking by AARP, The SCAN Foundation and The Commonwealth Fund shows big variations in the affordability, quality and choices of long-term care services and supports.
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3 Innovative Ways to Age in Place

Boomers and their parents are finding new ways to live at home longer.
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Finding Affordable Home Care for Your Parents, and AARP's Care Scout Service match the type of home care your parents need with caregivers who can provide it.
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Why Long-Term Care in the U.S. Is Headed for a Crisis

Few of us understand the full cost of long-term care, or the precarious state of government support, an expert tells "PBS NewsHour."
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What It Takes to Age in Place

There's no reason your parents have to leave the home they've lived in for years. With some planning, they can stay put.
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How to Get Good Long-Term Care Coverage

The long-term care insurance industry is in turmoil, so here's what you need to know to buy good coverage.


Why it's important to talk about the care we'll need as we age:

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