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Father Gets Creative to Afford College Costs

This janitor figured out how to send five kids to a $66,000-a-year school

Parents dream of providing a better life for their children. But how does a guy with no degree put five kids through college in today’s economy? With dedication.

Fred Vautour of Waltham, Mass., has worked as a night shift janitor for the last 15 years so all five of his children could attend Boston College. According to People, when Vautour learned that his employment at the college meant his kids — if they were accepted — would attend the school tuition-free, he decided to dedicate the next part of his life to covering the financial costs.

All five of his children were accepted, and the youngest is on track to graduate this month. Instead of paying Boston College’s standard steep fee of $66,000 per year to have each child attend, Vautour was able to bring down the price to $3,000 per year per child.

And though he no longer has to worry about tuition, Vantour has no plans to quit his job.

“Working here makes me feel young,” Vantour told People.

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