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They’re Not Flower Girls, They’re Flower Ladies

This wedding turned age requirements upside-down, and the result was beautiful

In traditional weddings, the job of flower girl is usually reserved for the youngest attendants. Jeena Gurung took a different tack for her wedding.

She chose Elsie Trapp, Irene McGuire, Lorraine Quinn and Elaine Ogren to be her “flower ladies.” Gurung wanted the women — all of whom are in their 90s —  to be part of her special day for a special reason: While serving as the exercise instructor at their senior living community in Falcon Heights, Minn., they became friends.

“To be a ‘flower lady,’ you should be 90, at least,” said Trapp in an interview by Minneapolis NBC station Kare11. The oldest of the group at 96, she referred to 90-year-old Ogren as the “baby.”

At Gurung’s wedding, the flower ladies wore matching fuchsia blouses and carried small bouquets of calla lilies.

Read more here and watch the video below:

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