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This Video Captures a Tender Alzheimer’s Moment

A daughter's loving words spark recognition, joy and laughter

Part of the Alzheimer’s & Dementia: Personal Stories, Research, Advice Special Report

Alzheimer’s is a cruel and slow disease. Caregivers spend years watching their parents, spouses or partners fade away. Those afflicted suffer memory loss, can become fearful and volatile, and often are robbed of their ability to recognize even their dearest loved ones.

More than 5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s, so it’s no wonder this video of a daughter gently trying to break through and remind her ailing mother with Alzheimer’s who she is touched the hearts of Facebook users, and sparked comments like this: “My mother suffered with Alzheimer’s for years before she passed in 2013. My best days were when she would give me a slight smile or prolonged eye contact that somehow made me feel she remembered her baby son even though I was in my 40s. This made me cry. I miss you Mama.”

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