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4 Website Features That Are Important to Potential Advertisers

Customers must have a reason to return to the site

Advertisers are most interested in a large volume of Internet traffic.

But for them to consider you at all, there are four features you must provide on your site:

Relevant content. Advertisers won’t consider your site if it doesn’t feature information important to their viewers. This doesn’t mean you should change your site to suit your advertisers! If you create interesting, well-conceived information pertinent to your viewers, your site will attract both customers and interested advertisers.

Professional design. Before soliciting advertisers, make sure your site looks its best. Are there frequent typos in your copy? Pay a professional proofreader to clean them up. Is your copy writing clear and professional? If not, pay a writer or editor to scrub the copy. Do your graphics load too slowly? Then it’s time for some redesign. Are your pages cluttered with overlapping banners?

Reallocate advertising space. The point is that advertisers are looking for sites that take themselves seriously. Sites that feature poor design will not impress advertisers.

Targeted demographics. Give your advertisers as much information about your audience as possible. Advertising delivered to the wrong demographic will be ineffective and will discourage your advertiser. By providing exact demographics, you can help your advertisers target the right groups for their message.

High repeat traffic. Advertisers’ favorites sites are those with information that is constantly updated, because it means that visitors will visit again and again. Repeat traffic means repeat exposure to their advertisement, and frequency increases the probability of their ad being clicked on. Examples of sites with high repeat traffic include search engines, weather sites, e-magazines and shareware and gaming sites.

Give your customers a reason to come back and both you and your advertisers will benefit. If your site doesn’t feature content that is changed regularly, consider creating an online newsletter that is distributed monthly, featuring product news with hotlinks back to your site. Or send out an email coupon offering a discount on your product or service to encourage past customers to revisit. Repeat traffic will boost your numbers and help you develop a loyal clientele to serve you and your advertisers.

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