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7 Questions to Ask About Long-Term Care

Begin a plan for how and where you'll live in the future

By LeadingAge

Getting older is a fact of life, but how and where a person ages should be a matter of choice.

That's why it's important to figure out what a person's preferences are, and if have he or she resources to pay for them, in advance.

Here are some questions you may want to consider for yourself or your loved one. Answer them openly and honestly. It may start an important discussion about why planning for the future should be a priority today.

1. If I begin to have difficulty with cooking, cleaning and other household responsibilities, I would like to: 

__ move to an independent living community

__ move in with family

__ remain in my home with home-based services to help me

__ other (specify _______________________________________)

2. If I become unable to bathe myself or take my own medicine, I want to:

__ move to a residential care facility

__ move in with family

__ remain in my home with home-based services to help me

__ other (specify ____________________________________) 

3. To pay for services I might need, I want to:
__ use only the services that my pension, Social Security and other regular income can cover

__ use some of my savings as well as my pension, Social Security and regular income to cover my expenses

__ use my savings to ensure my preferences can be met

__ use my long-term care insurance benefits

__ other (specify ________________________________________) 


4. If I need to move out of my home, the place I would most like to move is:

5. If I need to move into a residential care facility, the three features that are most
important to me are:

__ a place where I can have a private room

__ a place that is close to my family

__ a place where my friends live

__ a place with good food

__ a place with a good reputation in my community

__ a place with a wide range of activities

__ a place with easy access to the outdoors

__ a place with a friendly staff

__ a place affiliated with my faith tradition

__ other (specify_______________________________)

6. As I age, the person I will depend on for support is:

7. The one thing I want my loved ones to remember about my preferences is: 


By LeadingAge
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