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Buying Treasury Securities Is Easier Than You Think

Services helps buy Treasury bills, notes and bonds while managing your account

There is more than one way to buy Treasury securities – you can use:


You can buy Treasury securities using one convenient Web–based account which is part of an application called TreasuryDirect. TreasuryDirect is our primary retail system for selling our securities. This system allows us to establish direct relationships with you as an investor, enabling you to do business with us electronically using the Internet and conduct transactions without personal assistance from us.

In TreasuryDirect, you can purchase and hold Treasury bills, notes, bonds and inflation-protected securities (TIPS) as well as savings bonds, and manage your holdings online in a secure environment.

Our long-term goal is to consolidate all retail sales of Treasury securities in TreasuryDirect. With this consolidation, we'll realize savings in administrative costs and be able to enhance our customer service.

*Legacy Treasury Direct

*Legacy Treasury Direct was formerly known as TreasuryDirect. In *Legacy Treasury Direct you can purchase 13- and 26-week Treasury bills only. You can use the automated component of *Legacy Treasury Direct, Electronic Services for Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds (on the Web or via phone at (800) 722-2678), to perform a variety of transactions, but some transactions require paperwork.

The *Legacy system is being phased out and effectively being replaced by TreasuryDirect, through which individuals can buy and hold all of Treasury's marketable issues available to the general public, as well as savings bonds.

Using the Commercial Book-Entry System Through Your Bank or Broker

You can also choose to buy marketable securities through a bank, broker, or dealer in the Commercial Book-Entry System. To find out more you can go to your financial institution’s website or contact your customer service representative at your bank or broker.

Services for HH/H Bonds

If you hold HH/H bonds, you can manage the bonds through our Internet Services for HH/H Bonds.

*Legacy Treasury Direct is being phased out.

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