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What Kind of Care and Housing Do You Want As You Get Older?

Answer 10 questions and we'll give you ideas and answers

By Bryce Kirchoff, Denise Logeland, and SCAN Foundation

Taking care of our loved ones and planning for our own care as we age is a process full of questions. We’ll connect you with ideas and answers customized to your interests. Just respond to this 10-item quiz by clicking “Agree” or “Disagree” for each statement. (If the quiz doesn't appear below, click here)


Bryce Kirchoff has produced web and social media campaigns for organizations at all levels of the media industry and also has experience launching community engagement initiatives, building websites and crafting social campaigns. He holds a master’s of science degree in New Media Management from Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and lives in Los Angeles. Read More
Denise Logeland is a writer and editor in Minneapolis who has covered business, health and health care. She is the author of Next Avenue's ebook, 10 Things Every Family Should Know: Aging With Dignity and Independence. Read More
By SCAN Foundation
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