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Why Now Is the Time to Consider an Independent Living Community

The current housing market offers opportunities to sell your home and move to a community with on-location health care

By Acts Retirement-Life Communities
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What is independent living for older adults? For many, it is finding an active community to engage with, finding peace of mind for your finances and future and having never-ending activities lined up at your feet. Are you interested in diving into a future like this?

The idea of moving to an independent living community's campus can sometimes seem like a daunting idea. It may loom in the back of your head whenever you think of your retirement options. When is the right time to consider this option?

Here are some factors to take into consideration when planning to move to an independent living community for older adults and why sooner is better than later. It doesn't have to be as stressful as it might seem.

Lowering Financial Burdens

Why now? The earlier you choose an independent living community, specifically a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) with long-term life plans, the more time you have to align your financial responsibilities. The pandemic has lowered mortgage interest rates, reaching a 50-year all-time low. These rates are expected to increase by the end of the year. The longer you wait, the fewer opportunities you may have to not only sell your home but to possibly make a healthy profit.

Demand for homes is currently at an all-time high. Yet, there aren't many homes listed right now, making it a "sellers' market." There are increased possibilities for above-asking price offers, multiple bids and no-contingency offers because of this low inventory market. Many home sellers are finding themselves getting well over asking price right now.

But of course, all this sounds great until you need to start considering where you'd live after you sell your current home. Those buying another house, risk getting into the same bidding wars and inflated costs from the opposite end. But if you elect to move into an independent living community, you get to keep all of your home profits.

That's just one of that reasons that, if you've never considered an independent living community such as a CCRC, now is the time.

What is a CCRC? Quite simply, it's a campus for older adults that also has health care available. After moving in as an independent resident, you'll have access to health care options such as rehabilitation, assisted living and skilled care should you ever need them. And if your CCRC offers a long-term care contract, your monthly fees will remain consistent despite a need for a higher level of care.

At an independent living community, not only will you have the money you gain from selling your house, you may also decrease your monthly costs overall by downsizing and removing burdens such as household maintenance, many utilities, taxes and more.

Lowering Household Expenses

When you look into independent living options, consider how peaceful it will feel to not have to worry about tedious housework and maintenance. Expenses for those are included in your monthly costs.


The benefits of independent living include decreased spending on typical household repairs, no longer having to put yourself at risk trying to fix difficult repairs and the peace of mind that comes from knowing these issues will be covered for you. Plus, many of those aggravating utility bills are rolled into a consistent monthly payment.

A Feeling of Community, With Activities

Many older adults wait to transition to a senior living community until they're in need of health services, but for many this wait may be too long. They may no longer be eligible for an independent living community and its many benefits.

For instance, Independent living communities offer community wide events where you may gain newfound friendships. The earlier you choose to live at one, the longer you have to enjoy those friendships.

You can dive into a hobby you never got around to while enjoying the comfort and peace of mind from living in a community that can help facilitate these hobbies, all while protecting you should you ever need the health care benefits.

Some activities can be educational, social and cultural learning opportunities to enrich the body, mind and spirit. It all depends on what you're searching for.

Many independent living communities offer the amenities you've always wanted in life but may have lacked the space. This could include Olympic-style swimming pools, woodworking shops, crafting and quilting rooms, bocce ball courts, tennis courts, pickleball courts, putting greens and the list goes on and on. Plus, there are often elegant and casual restaurants with delicious culinary options on the same campus.

Those who move into an independent living community may find they're as busy as they want to be with the multitude of engagement opportunities.

Finding Peace of Mind

What is something that is irreplaceable? The peace of mind YOU and your family can feel knowing you're in a community that cares and provides the necessary accommodations you require without the financial stress of those necessities.

While still maintaining the independence you had in your previous home, you have access to the health amenities you may need one day. Yes, thinking about moving to an independent living community can sometimes be daunting. But in the long run, you're giving yourself and those around you peace of mind while you enjoy fewer financial burdens, newfound friendships and a higher quality of life.

Time to Act

There has never been a better time to sell your home and consider moving to an independent living community. Dig deeper into the possibility of a relaxing lifestyle catered to your needs while making what could be a financially beneficial decision, as well.

A housing market with low interest rates, high demand and reduced inventory like this won't last forever. An independent living community with all the activities, community and necessary household and health needs is at the tip of your fingers.

Moving to an independent living community that offers continuity of care today could mean paying less overall than you would otherwise pay tomorrow.

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