Don’t-Miss List: Kristofferson, ‘Monday Mornings’ and More

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Feeling Mortal, Kris Kristofferson
As its title suggests, Kris Kristofferson’s new acoustic record is a confessional of sorts; the 76-year-old admits that looking in the mirror ain’t what it used to be. “At this moment in the dream," the former sex symbol sings on the title track, "that old man there in the mirror and my shaky self-esteem.” The themes may be somber, but there’s something uplifting about Kristofferson’s unflinching honesty, to say nothing of the power (and enduring sex appeal) of that rasp. 
Monday Mornings, series premiere, Feb. 4, TNT 10 p.m.
Based on the book penned by CNN's resident M.D., Dr. Sanjay Gupta, this new series by David E. Kelley focuses on the weekly meetings where doctors gather for confidential peer reviews of complications and errors. As if hospital visits weren't anxiety-provoking enough, Monday Mornings reveals a side of the profession that's usually carefully hidden behind locked doors — for a reason. Still, those hooked on medical shows will appreciate seeing docs depicted as mere mortals rather than infallible superheroes.

As Luck Would Have It
This dark satire about an advertising has-been being propped up by his wife (Salma Hayek) skewers the media feeding-frenzy that surrounds real-life tragedies — and those of us who lap up the coverage. It may be Almodóvar Light (its director is a protégé of the iconic Spanish filmmaker), but for those fed up with prequels, sequels and studio tent poles, a quirky under-the-radar foreign language flick comes across like a stroke of luck.
Ten Years Later: Six People Who Faced Adversity and Transformed Their Lives, Hoda Kotb
When it comes to coping with the challenges that accompany aging, few traits are as handy as resilience. Kathie Lee sidekick Hoda Kotb offers valuable life lessons on what helps us bounce back by telling the tales of six individuals who faced seemingly insurmountable challenges and came out on top. Among them are Amy Barnes, who escaped an abusive relationship, lost an astounding 340 pounds and now encourages other victims of domestic abuse; and Ron Clifford, a civilian hero of 9/11, who saved the life of a burn victim in the Twin Towers — only to learn the same day that his beloved sister and niece died on Flight 175.
Taos Winter Wine Festival, Jan. 30–Feb. 2
If there’s one thing better than an après ski cup of steaming hot chocolate, it’s an après ski glass of Cab. With events like Around the World of Syrah — With a Blindfold, Wines of Spain Masterclass and a Grand Tasting featuring 155 different wines from 36 wineries and tasty fare from the finest area restaurants, it’s hard to imagine a more enticing winter getaway than this ski-and-sip fest.
Pamela Miller is a freelance writer who lives in Los Angeles.

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