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The Facts About Independent Living Communities

The comforts of home, plus various services to make life easier

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Independent living, or market rate, communities offer housing developed specifically for seniors. These communities provide services that can make an older person's life easier, like meals and transportation services. The communities often organize social activities and may offer amenities, like hair salons or wellness centers. Many communities also offer rental or ownership opportunities for interested individuals.

Who Pays for Independent Living?

Individuals pay for independent living using private money. The cost and payment structure varies from community to community.

What Services Does an Independent Living Community Offer?

Depending on the community, independent living offers individuals access to a variety of services. Some of these services include:

  • Meals.
  • Housekeeping and linen services.
  • Transportation.
  • Social and educational programs.
  • Recreation programs and facilities.

What Questions Should I Ask a Market-Rate Senior Housing Provider?


When it comes to finding an independent living community that meets a person's needs and preferences, asking questions is essential. Here are a few questions to consider asking when you visit an independent living community:

  • Does this community have age restrictions?
  • What are the annual rent increase limitations?
  • What activities and/or services available to residents?
  • What costs are associated with the different services? 

What Value Does Market-Rate Senior Housing Offer Older Adults and Their Loved Ones?

Senior housing is a good option for people who want to live on their own, but don't want to deal with the responsibilities of having a home. It's also a great choice for people who want to live in a community with other seniors.

In addition, these communities are often designed with seniors in mind. For example, there may be railings in bathrooms or power outlets higher up on the wall. Many communities offer a 24-hour emergency call service if a resident needs help right away. These communities often coordinate meals, develop social programs and offer other activities.

By LeadingAge
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