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Getting Fit After 50

Our top stories on fitness and exercise options to help meet your goals

By The Editors

Keeping healthy and sharp is important as we live longer and longer. To help, we’ve pulled together five of our latest and best stories on a variety of effective fitness methods for cardiovascular health and muscle strengthening. And we’ve collected advice and recommendations from you, our readers.

Fit After 50
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We hope these stories and tips will inspire you to get up and get moving!

“How to Do High-Intensity Interval Training” — Fitness training professional and Next Avenue contributing writer Rashelle Brown explains what high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is, including its benefits and how to give it a try in a safe way. Brown also supplies three sample HIIT workouts.

“The Benefits of Water Exercise Classes” — Exercising in the water is considered one of the best ways to get fit and strong without putting a lot of strain on your joints. In her usual informative and fun writing style, Next Avenue writer Patricia Corrigan shares her experience trying her first aqua yoga class. She also talks to several fitness experts about the benefits of a variety of aqua fitness classes.

“How to Start Weight Training, the Right Way” — Have you been thinking about starting a weight training routine? Here’s a primer on the benefits of strength training with weights, how to get started and how to progress beyond beginner.

“Pain and Gain: Why Some People Choose CrossFit” — CrossFit, a high-intensity, functional fitness program, has been gaining in popularity among older Americans. In fact, two years ago, CrossFit introduced special classes for people 50 and older. This story explains what the program is and shares the perspectives of some participants.

“Setting Up a Home Gym: What Should You Buy?” — Many people enjoy working out at a fitness center, while others prefer the convenience and privacy of their own home. For those in the latter group, here are some important factors to consider to get the right equipment for the kind of exercise you want to do.

How Some Next Avenue Readers Stay Fit

Here are a few comments from Next Avenue readers about what they do to stay fit and how they feel about it:

Sue Potter Tremblay, a former personal trainer: I weight lift at least three days a week. I love feeling strong. I walk at a brisk pace almost every day, often running some. When weather is nice, I have been exploring hiking trails near me. I feel so energized and well when I am active at the gym or outside.

Salli Clysdale: I take advantage of a Y membership through Silver Sneakers [a free fitness plan offered by some insurers]. I do aerobics three times a week and weight training three times a week. Taking stairs and walking once a day round things out. As for diet, I try to think before I eat and eat a “colorful” and varied diet.


Mark Bertler: Working with a personal trainer who specializes in seniors and provides me with a monthly training plan with daily routines to remind me I need to be active on a daily basis. I also take advantage of the Silver Sneakers membership provided by my Medicare Advantage plan, which allows me access to fitness centers when I'm traveling.

Louise A. Jackson: I keep a delightful small dog who is convinced she deserves to be walked twice daily. She's a great motivation, since I'll walk her when I wouldn't walk me. I also take a weekly tai chi class and try to get to the gym for some strength training at least once a week. Must be working. I recently had a heart catherization and the doctor said I have the cleanest heart he's ever seen in an adult over thirty. He said my heart looked like that of a twenty-year-old. (In earlier years, I rode bikes for fifty or so miles, backpacked in the Rockies and stayed generally active.)

The 5 Next Avenue Stories about Fitness Programs

“How to Do High-Intensity Interval Training”

“The Benefits of Water Exercise Classes”

“How to Start Weight Training, the Right Way”

“Pain and Gain: Why Some People Choose CrossFit”

“Setting Up a Home Gym: What Should You Buy?”

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