Five Holiday Gifts for Grandkids to Inspire a Love of Travel

Think out of the box and give the kind of gift that can change their lives

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Video games, iPads, Pokemon cards. Your grandchildren probably have plenty already. Why not think out of the box for the holidays this year and give them the kind of gift that can change their lives? Instilling a love of travel and learning about other cultures at a young age will plant the seed that the world is a place full of wonders. Here is our list of top gift ideas to inspire a love of travel in your grandchildren.

1. A globe. Kids today are immersed in a digital world, but an actual three-dimensional globe still has the same power to capture a young imagination as it did when you were a child. Sit together and take the globe for a spin to show them the places you have been and where you — and they — want to go next.

2. A journal. A real journal. With pages. And a really cool pen. Encourage your grandchild to write in it every day. You may inspire them to become authors or journalists. And even if they don’t grow up to be professional travel writers, having a paper journal to look back on in the future is a great gift for them as they grow older. And introducing them to a new way to express themselves and work through their feelings can result in lifelong mental health benefits.

3. The Little Prince. The Little Prince is a story on many levels. For young children it’s a silly tale of a little boy who has traveled from planet to planet, meeting colorful characters along the way. But the book can engage readers of all levels with deeper meanings, making this a book that both of you can read together and a book that can grow with your grandchild. They will always remember this book as a special storytelling experience you shared and may even discover a love for all books — and that is a life-changing gift you can’t put a price tag on.

5. A suitcase. Nothing says adventure like a suitcase.

6. Learning and traveling together. Planning a trip together is the greatest gift of all — for you both. Explore Road Scholar’s grandparent educational travel programs and discover all the exciting learning adventures you can experience with your grandchild in the United States and around the world. The memories made and the bond built during an educational travel experience will last a lifetime.

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By JoAnn Bell
JoAnn Bell is the senior vice president of program development at Road Scholar, developing and managing more than 5,500 programs in 150 countries and 50 states.

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