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How to Beat 6 Reasons You Dread Working Out

Tips to become a person who looks forward to exercise

By Kathy Smith

Perhaps you’ve heard someone say something like, “I love exercise! It’s my passion, the highlight of my day, and I look forward to it!”

Perhaps you’ve found that person to be incredibly annoying. Perhaps you’ve even found yourself thinking, “Am I missing something here? Because I do NOT love exercise.”



Remember, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. So stop the craziness, start switching things up, and watch the dread — and the pounds — start to melt away.

Who knows? You might even turn into one of those “I love to exercise” people. 

Kathy Smith "America's Trainer" Kathy Smith has been shaping women's thighs and lives for over 30 years through her best-selling collection of workout DVDs and books. Her motto is "Progress, Not Perfection." Find her at or on Facebook. Read More
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