From Next Avenue Readers: Mother’s Day Without Mom

Our readers on what they're thinking at this time of year

Like any holiday, Mother’s Day is ripe with expectation and emotion. For those whose moms have passed away, the day can be especially tender.

We recently invited Next Avenue readers who follow us on Facebook to share how they deal with feelings of sadness and loss on this day. We hope reading their heartfelt responses helps others handle Mother’s Day without their moms. And we invite you to share your thoughts here, too.

Remembering Mom on Mother’s Day

“This will be my first without her.” —Mike Little

“I miss my Mom but now I celebrate our daughter for the great Mother she is and know my Mom would too!!” —Cathy Jeff Wainscott

“It’s been 23 years since mother passed. I still miss her a great deal. Mother’s Day is a tough day, sometimes tears are involved. But my adult children do such a wonderful job of making me feel loved and appreciated, it eases the sadness great deal.” —Dawn Swan Campano 

“Not very well. It’s been so long since i lost my mom. i feel as though i miss her more & more……remember her every single day…” —Donna Maria

“You try to cherish the memories and the blessings of having a mother who loved you unconditionally.” —JuanFrancisco Dorado

“It’s a forced celebration so after three years, not hard at all. Her birthday and April anniversary of her death? Very hard. Usually a movie required not to self destruct. I was caregiver six yrs.” —Cyndy Metcalf

“Every year, when I see those Mother’s Day cards in stores, I’m sad because I know I won’t be buying them ever again.” —Susan Birkholtz

“I miss her and thank her for loving me.” —Lisa S Thomas

“The first Mother’s Day was the hardest, but I miss her every year.” —Diana Rogers

“Good memories….that’s part of living!” —Stephen Kates


By Heidi Raschke
Heidi Raschke is a longtime journalist and editor who previously was the Executive Editor of Mpls-St. Paul Magazine and Living and Learning Editor at Next Avenue. Currently, she runs her own content strategy and development consultancy.@heidiraschke

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