Influencers in Aging Weigh In: How Would They Change Aging?

We invited our 2016 Influencers in Aging to share their thoughts

Every year, we ask our Next Avenue Influencers in Aging to write an essay about the current state of aging, as they see it.

Below you will find some of the most innovative, thoughtful ideas about how to improve aging in America, written by many of our Influencers:

Ashton Applewhite (2016 Influencer of the Year) 

Anne Basting

Bob Blancato

Tim Carpenter

Bruce Chernof

Carol Fishman Cohen

Jim Emerman

Ruth Finkelstein

Terry Fulmer

Mary Furlong

Teresa Ghilarducci

Howard Gleckman

Sarita Gupta

Paul Irving

Carol Levine

Richard W. Lindsay

Susan C. Reinhard

Max Richtman

Charles Sabatino

June Simmons

Betty Reid Soskin

E. Percil Stanford

Sarah Szanton

Louis Tenenbaum

Debra Whitman

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