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Your Next Avenue: Season 1, Episode 2 Podcast Notes

Interview with Nancy Collamer: Part-Time Work in Retirement

February 20, 2018

Episode 2: Part-Time Work in Retirement

Interview with Nancy Collamer, who is a career coach, author and Next Avenue blogger


Advice on second-act careers, flexible work in retirement, becoming an entrepreneur, the gig economy, visualizing your future in retirement, finding work you’d like to do in retirement, investing in yourself, multiple streams of income, becoming a consultant, running a franchise, encore careers, getting paid to travel and getting benefits as a part-time worker

Details About This Podcast:

Nancy Collamer, a career coach, Next Avenue blogger, author of Second-Act Careers and creator of the website, offers practical advice on finding part-time work in retirement.

She explains what she means by “semi-retirement;” why you should consider working in a retirement a career and not a job; the ability to have flexible work in retirement; the pros and cons of becoming an entrepreneur in retirement; how to visualize a future in retirement that could be very different from your past; how to find work you’d like to do in retirement; why she thinks you should create your own “research and development” fund to invest in yourself; ways to develop what she calls “multiple streams of expert income;” how to become a consultant; why you might want a “business in a box” and run a franchise; the joys of starting an encore career for the greater good; how you can get paid to travel in retirement and whether you can receive benefits when working part-time in retirement.

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