Playgrounds for Older People? Here’s What You Said

Take a look at a selection of the comments we received

On Friday, we wrote about playgrounds for older people that have been popping up for years in Spain and in the United Kingdom. Thanks to a nonprofit called KaBoom (and in conjunction with Humana), about 50 of these playgrounds now exist in the United States, too. (If you haven’t seen one already, click here to see what one of these playgrounds looks like.)

We asked if you’d consider using a playground like this if one popped up in your neighborhood, and a staggering 95 percent of you said that you would.

You also had a lot of interesting and insightful things to say about the growing phenomenon. (On Facebook alone, you left more than 1,000 comments!) Here are a selection of those comments (some edited for length and clarity):

“We’re never too old to enjoy an outdoor playground!” –Nancy A.

“An all ages playground would be a beautiful thing to see.” —Maria M.

“Our very small town just installed some outdoor exercise equipment for adults, right next to the children’s playground. It looks just like some of the stuff in the picture! Yes, I use it!” –Beverly J.

“Warsaw, Poland, has these in every park, and they are used both by seniors and juniors.” –Bob W.

“I use the little kids’ playground while they’re in school.” –Jat T.

“I would definitely come out and play.” –Diane B.

“Just think of the people you would meet.” –Louise M.

“Korea has them all over the place and they are wonderful!” –Dominique R.

“Just because we’re old doesn’t mean we stop playing. It’s when we stop playing that we become old.” –Joyce B.

“Please, please, let’s do it!” –Josie G.

“I have seen them in Australia, and they are absolutely wonderful.” –Janet W.

“Yes! I need more exercise. This would make it more fun.” –Diane H.

“I still play on ‘kids’ playgrounds’. Young at heart!” –Amanda M.

“They have them in Brazil. They’re free, well cared for, and used all day long. Much healthier lifestyle there.” –Linda S.

“This is a fantastic idea! It addresses mobility and social interaction concerns that seniors face.” –Debra W.

“I watch a lot of Korean and Chinese dramas, and they have had them for years. Nice to see that we’re finally getting them.” —Debra T.

“I’m 50 and still use the one for kids! There is nothing like using the swings or sliding down the slide.” –Maureen M.

“This is so wonderful in so many ways!” –Jane L.

I would be there every day!” –Barb L.

Interested in seeing a playground like this in your neighborhood? Consider getting in touch with your local parks and recreation department, city council, and other city, county, and state representatives. It’s never too late to do something great, both for you, and your community!

By Josh Walker
Josh Walker is the former social media manager at Next Avenue.

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