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A Quick Cure for the Pessimism Pandemic

Turning lemons into lemonade? Here’s an actual recipe

By Ronni Sandroff



Step 2: Squeeze. Sour as they taste, lemons contain a lot of nutrients. So, too, do those fabulous moments of life — they offer great opportunities for learning and growth, along with some purely pleasurable experiences. Put those in your juicer too, and squeeze the most joy out of every wonderful non-apocalyptic moment of this wobbly year.


Step 3: Add sugar and water. Be extravagant with the sugar. This kind has no calories and comes in the form of smiles, small words of encouragement and the odd joke. To dilute the power of the lemons, add a generous splash of that ordinary miracle, fresh water.


Step 4: Keep stirring. Praise yourself for stirring up some optimism. Go on, no one will know. And share the wealth: Offer a little lemonade to whomever’s around. Salud!


Ronni Sandroff is an award-winning writer and editor for national publications and websites. In her free time she pursues an A for Attitude in an increasingly D for Difficult world. Read More
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