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Resources to Help Create a Savings Plan

A savings plan provides a means to withstand unexpected expenses

Savings enable consumers to withstand unexpected expenses or income disruptions, in addition to meeting large expenditures, such as the purchase of a home or college education. Research indicates that people who save have better relationships with family and neighbors and increased community involvement.

Here are several other savings-related resources for financial institutions, community-based organizations and others.

FDIC Educational Resources

The award-winning FDIC Money Smart financial education program includes the Pay Yourself First module that specifically addresses saving. Pay Yourself First provides information on the importance of saving, tips on saving money, and options available to reach savings goals. Money Smart is available in an instructor-led version for adults, an instructor-led version for young adults, an mp3 podcast (audio) format and a self-paced online version. 

FDIC Consumer News is a quarterly publication that provides practical financial tips and information. Practically every issue includes information on how people can save more money and make sure all their deposits are fully protected.

Selected external resources

  • The America Saves program encourages all Americans to save money, reduce debt and build wealth. You can visit this website to make a savings commitment and learn additional strategies to save. In particular, America Saves encourages consumers to "Make Savings Automatic." Ways to make savings automatic include making regular contributions (investments) into a workplace retirement plan and establishing regular transfers into a savings account.
  • MyMoney.gov is the federal government's one-stop website that provides financial education resources from more 20 federal agencies. The Savings & Investing page provides a comprehensive catalog of resources from federal agencies on saving and investing.
  • The Department of Labor site provides information for owners of small business on various retirement plan options.

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