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Navigating Menopause: Your Guide to the Signs, Symptoms and Stages

In honor of this shared experience, we are running a series of stories about menopause. Each story covers a different facet of this new phase, yet throughout, we hope to impart this message: menopause is normal and should not be seen as a loss. To quote Dr. Debra Wickman who appears in the piece, Menopause Sparks Dismay, Relief or Joy — or All That, "Menopause becomes a journey through all aspects of body, mind, heart and spirit." In this series, you will read about the experiences of real women, including Next Avenue writer, Paula Spencer Scott who talks about her menopause "meno-potbelly," as well as medical experts like Dr. Wickman. 

Our goal is to illuminate a topic that is sometimes shrouded in misinformation and shame. We hope to change that.

A doctor listening to a patient with a stethoscope. Next Avenue, Postmenopausal hot flashes

Are You Postmenopausal and Still Having Hot Flashes? You’re Not Alone

Hot flashes are supposed to get better with time, but that's not always the case. So, what solutions are available for women?

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