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Public Talk About Private Matters: Men and Prostate Cancer

By Jackson Rainer

How much trouble can a gland the size of a walnut that weighs only about an ounce cause so much trouble for so many men?  The answer is "it can cause a lot of trouble." Polite society cautions against conversations about our "private parts" and because most of us guys would rather not talk about our own physical health problems and vulnerabilities, these are discussions we tend to keep at arm's length.

However, in our lifetime, one in eight men will be confronted with the challenges presented by prostate cancer.  This series of six articles will discuss the implications of prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment and the impact on quality of life.  As the author, I will be your avatar, writing from the perspective as one of those eight men in the demographic, navigating complicated, challenging, and unknown territory.

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Isn't This Too Personal? My Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

An elevated PSA was the beginning of my journey and after a conclusive biopsy, it was time for me to consider next steps
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