9 YouTube Channels You Should Watch

From educational to plain old funny, these channels are worth your time


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1. Best to watch with grandkids: Justin Flom

Credit: justinflom.com

(This article appeared previously on Grandparents.com.)

Both you and your grandkids will be amazed by Justin Flom’s crazy magic tricks. Flom, a magician from Minnesota, has been active on YouTube since 2012 and has performed on The Ellen Degeneres Show and The Today Show. Flom stars on the SyFy show Wizard Wars and also performs on stage throughout the country, but you can watch his illusions and magic tricks — like making cards move using a shadow — right from your computer.

Watch Flom's channel here.

2. Educational: SciShow

Credit: youtube.com/user/scishow

There are plenty of great educational YouTube channels, and SciShow is no exception. The creators explore tons of topics, like chemistry and biology, in a fun, easy-to-understand way for kids and adults alike.

SciShow aims to offer scientific answers to common questions like “Why do my eyes glow red in photos?” and “Why do babies smell so good?” With new videos posted every Monday, Tuesday and every other Wednesday, you won’t run out of new and interesting content. SmarterEveryDay, Big Think and THNKR are other great educational entertainment channels.

Watch SciShow's channel here.

3. Series-style channel: The Great War (WWI)

Credit: youtube.com/user/TheGreatWar

History buffs will love The Great War, a YouTube channel that dives into the events of World War I, week by week. This series covers all four years of the war, from 1914 to 1918, and discusses the Allies and Central Powers; leaders of different countries; battles; life on the battlefield and more. New videos are posted every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Watch The Great War's channel here.

4. Best for car geeks: Jay Leno's Garage

Credit: youtube.com/user/JayLenosGarage

Car nuts will love former Tonight Show host Jay Leno’s channel. Go behind the scenes of the comedian’s massive car collection, see classic cars and new cars in motion, watch amazing restorations and learn about car parts and products.

Watch the Jay Leno’s Garage channel here.

5. Carpool Karaoke

Credit: youtube.com/user/TheLateLateShow

Technically Carpool Karaoke isn't its own YouTube channel, but it’s too entertaining not to mention. This very popular segment from CBS's The Late Late Show with James Corden features host Corden and celebrities and musicians driving around and singing along to hit songs.

Guests include Rod Stewart, Stevie Wonder, Justin Bieber and even First Lady Michelle Obama. The most recent video, featuring Britney Spears, has over 25 million views on YouTube.

Watch all Carpool Karaoke videos here.

Watch The Late Late Show’s full channel here.

6. Great for easy DIY: HouseholdHacker

Credit: youtube.com/user/HouseholdHacker

HouseholdHacker shows you that DIY projects don’t have to be difficult and take hours or days to complete. Find out how to make your own mosquito repellant; new uses for items like a hair dryer, iron or paper towels and even find some cool science tricks to share with the grandkids.

Watch HouseholdHacker's channel here.

7. Just for laughs: Good Mythical Morning

Credit: youtube.com/user/rhettandlink2

This talk show-style channel features hosts Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, who entertain with food taste tests, silly games and crazy trivia (like their video that discovered the six weirdest things to fall from the sky). McLaughlin and Neal have been friends since first grade, and their banter is both funny and endearing. There’s a new video every morning at 6 a.m. EST, so there’s plenty to watch.

Watch Good Mythical Morning's channel here.

8. For cooking like a pro: Byron Talbott

Credit: youtube.com/user/ByronTalbott

Byron Talbott is a cooking star on YouTube with over a million subscribers to his channel and the real-life cooking chops to back it up. Talbott has years of professional cooking experience, including stints at Michelin-starred restaurants: The London in West Hollywood and Bouchon in Beverly Hills.

His melodic voice and beautifully styled food make Talbott's YouTube channel a must-watch. The videos run the gamut, cuisine-wise, and you can watch Talbott prepare dishes like potato gnocchi, ratatouille, BBQ ribs and more.

Watch Byron Talbott's channel here

9. Armchair travel: Expert Vagabond

Credit: youtube.com/user/ExpertVagabond

Matthew Karsten, aka Expert Vagabond, has been traveling the world for over five years. He documents his trips on his YouTube channel and a companion blog. Many of his videos are short and sweet, and filled with beautiful vistas and interesting snapshots of different cultures and experiences. Watch from your computer screen as Karsten dives with sharks in Fiji, hikes through the Scottish Highlands and goes volcano boarding (yes, surfing on volcano slopes) in Nicaragua.

Watch Karsten’s channel here.

See his blog here.


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