15 Tiny Houses to Let Your Loved One Live By You

Small homes that are great options for helping your aging parents stay close

By Amy Knapp

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Granny Pods

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If moving your parent into an assisted living facility seems like the only option, think again. According to caregiver.org, more than 8 million Americans live in long-term assisted, independent or nursing-home care annually. While traditional care can mean moving loved ones to a large residential facility, more options are available, including moving in with — or to the backyard of — family.

Since the rise in popularity of tiny homes, companies like  MEDCottage and Nationwide Homes have jumped on the bandwagon and created ones specifically for people in need of extra care. Dubbed "granny pods," "care-cottages" or "PALS units," these homes offer medication dispensers, robotic technology, handicap accessibility and more. Some are even portable, making them easier to transfer when they are no longer needed. An added benefit to these modular homes is that caregiving duties can be less stressful when travel isn't required to get to your loved one.

Whether you choose to take the tiny-home route or need something with more capabilities, the design options seem to be limitless. Click through our slideshow of "granny pod" homes that may surprise you and work for your loved ones:

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Credit: Tiny House Town/ Creative Cottages

Credit: Polyphon Architecture and Design

Credit: medcottage.com

Credit: Nationwide Homes

Credit: Edgemoor Cottage, a GoodFit house plan designed by Ross Chapin Architects

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By Amy Knapp
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