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Smart Gifts You’ll Want to Ask for on Grandparents Day

You will feel honored with any one of these great products

Grandparents Day has been around for nearly 40 years, falling on the first Sunday after Labor Day. It’s a great time for families to honor their grandparents and their contributions to growing generations. While Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrate grandparents as well as parents, this is one day that is about the unique qualities of grandparents: wisdom, generosity, guidance and of course the most important, love! Here are a few smart gifts to help make the day extra special:

Jitterbug Smartphone

The Jitterbug Smart by GreatCall is perfect for older adults who want to stay connected. This smartphone features a large screen making it easy to read, text and email. Users, for example, can “write” an email or text just by speaking into the phone. And, it’s perfect for gifting with no annual contracts or cancellation fees.

Blumat Junior Watering Tool

For green thumbs, the Blumat Junior watering tool makes watering easy, even for those having more trouble getting around the house and reaching into tight spots. Blumat juniors slowly wick water from a container into plant pots, ensuring the right amount at regular intervals.

Magicfly Key Finder

The Magicfly key finder is great for anyone who misplaces their keys (and who among us hasn’t had this annoying experience?) This ingenious device uses one transmitter and four receiver key chains that connect via wireless radio frequency. It not only works for keys, but can be applied to remote controls, purses, glasses and other items that are easy to lose. All you have to do is press the color-coded button for the lost item, and the transmitter will beep and flash to direct you to what you can’t find, up to 30 meters away.

Nixplay Digital Photo Frame

Nixplay is a digital photo frame that is wifi enabled so kids and grandkids can effortlessly update the picture gallery with their latest adventure.

Find out more great ways to celebrate Grandparents Day by reading our post on Grandparent’s Day activities.

By Jessica Kraft
Jessica Kraft is a writer for GreatCall, a website that helps aging consumers with innovative, easy-to-use mobile products.

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