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It’s been easy to score big gains in stocks the past few years. But if the recent turmoil in the market continues, you’re going to need more than luck to succeed.

When the market delivers outsize performance, as it has in recent years, many investors mistakenly attribute their success to investing prowess when they’re actually only riding the crest of a bull market. Market pros have a term for such people: “bull market geniuses.”

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To find out how savvy you actually are about investing, take my 10-question quiz below, compare your answers to the correct ones and then see how you rank in RealDealRetirement.com's scoring system.

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Walter Updegrave
By Walter Updegrave
Walter Updegrave is the editor of RealDealRetirement.com, a site that offers easy-to-understand-and-follow advice on retirement and investing. Walter previously wrote the Ask the Expert column for CNNMoney.com and MONEY Magazine and has published four books on personal finance. If you have a question on retirement or investing that you would like Walter to answer online, send it to Ask Real Deal Retirement. You can follow Walter on Twitter @RealDealRetire and reach him at [email protected].@realdealretire

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