March 1, 2016



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The United States Mint released its 2016-dated bullion coins recently and orders for the new coins soared. With some investors interested in adding gold and silver to their portfolios, some industry experts believed that 2016 may be a peak year to buy gold.

Investor sentiment for gold continues to improve with a majority of retail investors expecting higher prices coming. This sentiment is due to the unprecedented monetary policies with Central Banks internationally, including the Federal Reserve, as well as the global economy continually showing signs of severe stress.

There are several reasons some investors are choosing gold. One being that gold is higher in major currencies. U.S. investors are used to looking at the price of gold in U.S. dollars; however price (and its behavior) is important in other currencies too. Gold has gone higher in all major currencies; the only exception is gold in U.S. Dollars.

Not only are some American consumers investing in gold but gold repatriation has also gone mainstream internationally. A surprise in 2014 and 2015 was the many countries looking into bringing their gold back “home,” including Germany, Netherlands, France and Belgium.

  • Germany is shipping back 300 tons of gold from the U.S. and 374 tons from France by 2020.
  • The Netherlands repatriated 122.5 tons from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, without any prior announcement.
  • France requested that the country’s gold holdings be repatriated back to France from the United States.
  • Belgium’s governor of the central bank is looking at how they can bring their gold reserves back into the country.

Historically, gold has been the hedge against economic volatility and crisis. IRA accounts are traditionally dependent upon a select group of stocks, bond and/or mutual funds which are inextricably linked to the economy. So, when the economy suffers, the value of many IRA accounts begins to plunge. Gold, on the other hand, has an increased chance at maintaining consistency.

If you are considering holding physical gold in an Individual Retirement Account, 2016 may be the right time to move forward.