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Wave Goodbye to Your Arm Fat

These three exercise moves are the best ways to eliminate jiggle

By Kathy Smith

(This article appeared previously on If the headline above caught your attention, chances are good you’ve battled with “bat wings,” upper body flab or a little extra jiggle in your wave. Well, it’s time to change all that, once and for all.It’s time to embrace your arms.

1. Start to strong-arm your cardio routine. First things first: You’ve got to do cardio to lose arm fat. It’s all about choosing the right kind of cardio to do that. We’ve come such a long way in the fitness and wellness industries since the disco days of legwarmers. But early aerobics did get one thing right: It incorporated moves into the entire body. Cardio on a treadmill, stationary bike or outdoor jog is great, but doesn’t involve much work for the arms.(MORE: 7 Big Myths About Body Fat)To define your arms, start to look for cardio exercises that use the entire body. I’m a big fan of rowing, for example. My friend Josh Crosby created a great indoor rowing workout called Indo-Row, which is an incredibly fun and challenging group exercise class. The best part about doing a full-body workout like that is that you’re not just burning a ton of calories, you're targeting multiple muscle groups at the same time, including your arms — which is crucial if you’re concerned with how to lose arm fat.

Kathy Smith "America's Trainer" Kathy Smith has been shaping women's thighs and lives for over 30 years through her best-selling collection of workout DVDs and books. Her motto is "Progress, Not Perfection." Find her at or on Facebook. Read More
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