Wednesday’s Must-Reads: ‘Senior’ Discounts and Midlife Marriage

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‘Senior’ Discounts Can Be Great — but They’re Not Always the Best Deals

Everybody’s offering them nowadays. But before you tell a stranger your age, here are tips and websites to help you get the best bargains.   

Midlife Marriage: A Peter Pan Ties the Knot
Can a simple act of committment make this Frenchman finally act his age? "Mais oui," his brother-in-law says.

The Zen of a Small Kitchen
Who needs a huge kitchen with tons of counter space and modern appliances? Doing dishes can make you feel like a new person. Really, it can.

Can You Write Off Your Hobby on Your Taxes?
In some cases, yes. But to avoid an audit — the scariest word in the English language — read the tax rules carefully. They’re complicated. 

Just Forgetfulness or Something More Serious?
There’s a difference between misplacing your keys and getting lost in a familiar place. Here’s a checklist of symptoms for when to seek help.

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