The Week That Was

A rapid-fire recap of the week's most salient events

Encyclopaedia Britannica Shelved
The historic source of knowledge to everybody of a certain age who ever had to write a term paper will no longer be printed. Next thing you know, they’ll confiscate our Cliffs Notes!
Springsteen Sings Woody Guthrie’s Praises
Bruce Springsteen made a moving speech at the annual South by Southwest music festival, acknowledging that the "hobo poet" was one of his biggest influences. Later, the Boss could be seen playing his harmonica as he rode off into the Texas sunset — in a stretch limo.

Retirement Funds Not So Fun
A recent study reveals that about half of all American workers don’t have access to a retirement plan through their employers. The good news? More offices and factories are wheelchair-accessible than ever.

Dick Van Dyke to Marry
He’s 86, she’s 40. He says he wanted a “life partner.” That may sound like a big commitment, but for her, it amounts to a long lunch.

George Clooney and Dad Arrested
The star, 50, and his dad, Nick, 78, were led away in handcuffs at the Sudanese embassy in Washington, D.C., after protesting the genocidal policies of the country’s president, Omar Hassan al-Bashir. The two were immediately grounded by George’s mom, Nina.

Larry King Gets a New Talk Show

The 78-year-old — who often boasted about his lack of preparedness, who once asked Jerry Seinfeld why his top-rated show was canceled (it wasn’t), and who called his guest Ringo Starr “George” — is coming back with an online talk show. That ought to be interesting, because if he wasn’t aware of Seinfeld, this whole internet thingy isn’t likely to be in his wheelhouse. 
Clint Eastwood’s New Reality Series
The world’s baddest octogenarian announces a May 20 premiere date for a new E! reality series focused on life at home with his wife and two daughters in Carmel, Calif. Before you change the channel, you gotta ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk? 
Cancer Drug Effective — for Mice
U.S. researchers reported Tuesday that a cancer drug has shown promise toward improving memory when given to older mice with Alzheimer’s disease. There’s a leap forward — cancer-free rodents with great memories. 

Mike Hammer, a writer and former editor for TV Guide, Rolling Stone and Maxim, has been reporting on news and pop culture since Madonna was an emerging artist.

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By Mike Hammer
Mike Hammer has covered pop culture for three decades for national publications including Rolling Stone, TV Guide, Maxim, Men's Journal, and has interviewed countless personalities, from Al Gore to Paul McCartney and Evander Holyfield. Sadly, he's lost touch with all of them.

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