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Welcome to Next Avenue

Come together to read, learn and chat about smart strategies for enriching your next stage of life

I’m so pleased to welcome you to Next Avenue, a digital destination that addresses an all-new phase of adulthood with a wholly unprecedented approach to content — a lively blend of fresh journalism crafted by a team of veteran reporters and expert contributors; trusted information from government, non-profit agencies and commercial media outlets; and penetrating insights from a renowned private university and PBS stations around the country.
This site was conceived to help you deal with the full range of concerns and interests that are on your mind during this stage of life — your “adult part 2.” Like you, the Next Avenue team members are seized by scores of questions and have begun brainstorming ideas relating to what we should do next and how we should make the most of the 20-30 extra years of active life modern science has granted us.
This site takes into account all that you’ve learned and the vast amount of experience you have. But its core premise is that the learning’s not over yet — not for any of us. Not by a long shot. There’s a lot we have to figure out.
We know that the solutions to our many quests and queries as we navigate this uncharted territory will be diverse — there are no one-size-fits-all solutions in this phase of life. Next Avenue will carefully survey the scene for you and post signposts suggesting some of the smartest ways forward. But carving the road ahead must be a group effort.
There are likely to be bumps along the way — we’ll continue to be challenged to own our talents and manifest them in new ways, chase unresolved fears and other personal glitches, shape inventive ways to stay afloat, pay what we know forward, love and care for others differently, and sustain our energy levels and sense of well-being. But we have a golden opportunity here, and if we join forces, we can virtually redefine our lives and society for the better — what could be more meaningful or exciting?
So, please jump on the path with us and help us connect the dots. Let us know what you’re thinking. Share your thoughts about the site as well as your personal stories and ideas. Join the discussions, leave comments on our articles and blog posts, and engage with us through social media.
Let’s make the journey along our next avenue the most intriguing and beautiful one yet. 

Donna Sapolin
By Donna Sapolin
Donna Sapolin is the Founding Editor of Next Avenue. Follow Donna on Twitter @stylestorymedia.

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