Who Is Your Secret Celebrity Husband?

Take this fun quiz during your down time to find your match

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Use a pen and paper to record your answers as you go along to find which famous actor is your love match.

1. What single word describes you best?

A) Attractive

B) Intense

C) Romantic

D) Relaxed

E) Artistic

F) Hilarious

2. What do you wish most for your children and grandchildren?

A) A sense of global responsibility

B) Drive, leadership and respect

C) Fiery love affairs and a zest for life

D) To take things in stride and be open to possibility

E) Creative fulfillment

F) The ability to shoot laser beams from their eyes

3. What do you want for dinner?

A) Pizza

B) Steak, served extra-rare

C) Paella

D) Whatever, man. It’s all good.

E) Bangers and mash

F) Chicken (rubber, of course)

4. Who would you like to play you in a film?

A) Julia Roberts

B) Angela Bassett

C) Salma Hayek

D) Frances McDormand

E) Emma Thompson

F) Julia Louis-Dreyfus

5. Of the following list, what do you hate most?

A) Invasions of privacy

B) Having your time wasted

C) Bad manners and/or Portugal’s national soccer team

D) People who harsh on your mellow, man

E) The commercialization of art

F) Splinters

6. Who’s your favorite music artist?

A) Bruce Springsteen

B) Stevie Wonder

C) Placido Domingo

D) The Grateful Dead

E) U2

F) “Weird Al” Yankovic

7. What’s your poison?

A) Scotch

B) I don’t drink. It interrupts my focus.

C) Champagne

D) White Russians

E) Guinness

F) All of the above

8. Where would you most like to live?

A) A posh Hollywood mansion

B) A beautiful Brooklyn brownstone

C) A seaside villa near Barcelona

D) Like, Portland, I guess? Maybe, like, San Francisco, though. Yeah. There.

E) A small cottage in the Scottish countryside

F) Mars

9. What’s your favorite kind of movie?

A) Blockbusters with a brain

B) Police thrillers

C) Foreign indie films

D) Anything by the Coen brothers

E) Historical fiction with tour-de-force acting

F) Comedy and/or cartoons

10. What do you look for in a partner?

A) Pure, rugged handsomeness

B) Sheer force of will

C) Worldly romanticism

D) Just, like, the ability to love and abide, man

E) Soul

F) Non-stop funny

Tally up your score! How’d you do?

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If you scored:


You got Brad Pitt.

With apologies to Angelina, it turns out that YOU are the official soulmate of the most handsome man alive. And while we all appreciate his efforts at depth and resonance, I mean … sheesh, just look at the guy. Nice work, Nana.


You got Denzel Washington.

Ambition and focus propel your life, and you need a confidant who can keep up. Enter Denzel. Smart, upstanding and intense, there’s no better companion in your quest for greatness. Oh, and he’s easy on the eyes, too.


You got Antonio Banderas.

Since it’s adventure and passion you crave, the former Mr. Griffith is your perfect partner. Worldly, sophisticated — and funny — he’ll show you a life beyond your humdrum routine and leave you begging for more. Don’t forget your passport.


You got Jeff Bridges.

You love ‘em gentle, laid back and bear-like? Jeff “The Dude” Bridges is your guy. A dedicated family man and monster talent, he never lets the little stuff bum him out. And in terms of a romantic match, that’s, like, pretty cool, man.

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You got Daniel Day-Lewis.

Poetry, music, art … these are the things of life. Your continued existence depends on creative expression, and you need a spouse who understands your endeavors. Fortunately, the UK’s greatest living actor is there to provide and to kick back with a cold pint when the situation calls.


You got Steve Martin.

A great, ivory-haired man once said, “I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy.” If you get the joke — and feel that a little bit of humor is imperative to a delightful day-to-day — Mr. Martin is the one for you.

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