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Why More People are Choosing Cremation

Deciding that cremation is a better choice for you is a personal one, but it’s a popular one too

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Choosing your final arrangements is one of the most personal decisions you'll ever make, either for yourself or on behalf of someone else. It's an important choice, and while many opt for a traditional burial, cremation has become an increasingly popular choice. 

But why are more people choosing cremation over a traditional burial? While one method isn't necessarily "better" than the other, there are some very big differences that can lead to someone wanting to opt for being cremated over being buried. Here are just a few of the reasons many people are opting for cremation today in lieu of burial. 

How Cremation is Different  

Before we discuss why cremation has become so popular lately, it's key to understand what cremation is and how it differs from a burial. The biggest difference is, of course, the disposition of the body. Cremation involves the incineration of the entire body in a crematorium, which is obviously vastly different from leaving the body intact. 

Funeral and memorial services with a cremated body also differ, but less markedly. You can still hold a memorial for someone who's been cremated, but there will not be a body to view unless you hold the memorial service prior to cremation. Cremated remains can also be laid to rest in different ways than a body, such as being scattered over land or sea or even kept in an urn at home. 

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A Cremation Is Often a More Affordable Option 

To help manage the costs of final arrangements, it's common for people to plan for their own funerals by setting aside resources beforehand to help pay for the process of putting them to rest. This desire to not burden your next of kin with financial matters is also why someone may choose cremation; the cost of cremation can be lower than for a burial. If you do not intend to bury the cremated remains, you can forgo purchasing a casket for the body, as well as a burial plot, vault and an opening-and-closing-ceremony. This can end up saving a substantial amount of money.  

Something important to keep in mind, though, is that unless you're planning your own funeral, you will want to keep the wishes of the deceased in the forefront of your mind. If they expressly said they want a traditional burial, or if their religious faith precludes cremation, you may not be able to choose this option.  

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Cremation Offers Additional Options for Final Resting Places 

Another benefit of cremation is that loved ones have the option of choosing a number of different resting places beyond the traditional options of interment in the ground or entombment within a mausoleum. This doesn't mean that cremated remains can't be laid to rest in the same way — they can indeed be buried or even placed in a niche in a columbarium, which is the equivalent of a mausoleum for cremation ashes. 

It's the additional options that are unique, though. Some families choose to scatter the remains of their deceased loved ones, and many cemeteries have scattering gardens for those who make this choice. Others still opt for a location that was important to their loved one in life, though if the location is on public property or property owned by someone else, you will want to get permission or check the regulations first. 

Still others may choose to have cremated remains placed in an urn and kept in the home, kept in a piece of jewelry, or even mixed with tattoo ink to become a permanent element of their body. 

Cremation Has a Lessened Environmental Impact 

Another unique facet of the decision to choose cremation over a traditional burial comes down to the environmental impact of the final disposition of the deceased. While there has been a large amount of academic discourse and debate over whether cremation is truly more environmentally friendly than a traditional burial, many prefer cremation with the idea that it has less of an impact vs. a traditional burial when it comes to the environment.  

Cremation takes up less physical land than burying a casket. Cremation avoids relying on caskets that have non-biodegradable materials or burial vaults lined with metal or concrete. If there is no viewing, bodies can be cremated without first being embalmed, which means the chemicals used in embalming fluid don't end up in the ground either.    

Deciding if cremation is a "better" choice for you is a personal one. Choosing to have yourself cremated after death — or a loved one if you're the one planning their funeral — is dependent on several different factors. These factors include more than just the last wishes of the deceased; they also encompass the resources available to pay for final arrangements, the environmental concerns the deceased or their family has and whether a non-traditional final resting place is important. Finally, any cultural or religious requirements should also be considered equally. 

If you're considering cremation as well, it makes sense to look to others for guidance. Consult with loved ones and family members, as this can aid in providing different perspectives. Additionally, it's always a good idea to speak to a funerary services expert such as a funeral director. Individuals in this profession have extensive knowledge regarding what goes into a cremation, its relative costs and any other questions or concerns you may have regarding the process. 

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The choice to cremate is an important one. If you're considering it yourself, don't make decisions lightly or without the right information. Speak to an expert for the advice you need. 

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